A Collection of Selfies, Plus Notes

So, these last few weeks have been pretty hectic. For the record, I haven’t lost interest in this blog! However, it is a hobby, so when I don’t have much free time my posting may lag a bit. For the most part I have been caught up in unpacking at the new apartment, but I… Continue reading A Collection of Selfies, Plus Notes

Favorites for April 2016

Time for this month’s favorites post! I’m a little late, but we’re still in the first week of May so I’m probably fine. Moving has been really hectic and things are only just now getting back to normal. There have been so many makeup things especially that I’ve loved this month that I had to… Continue reading Favorites for April 2016

Empties for April 2016

This month was split right down the middle by moving, so my recap posts are going to be a little scattered. Actually, all of my posts will be scattered for the next week or so–sorry for the erratic post schedule! Luckily I continued to use things up this month and have a modest pile of… Continue reading Empties for April 2016

FOTD: Fuchsia feat. Urban Decay (Almost) Everything!

As my last post mentioned, I have been obsessed with Urban Decay lately. Their eyeliners, their lipliners, their blushes… Then a few days ago they announced the 50% off sale on Revolution lipsticks. I had never tried them but was very interested, and after hearing rumors about them possibly dropping the line I bought way… Continue reading FOTD: Fuchsia feat. Urban Decay (Almost) Everything!

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners

If my love affair with Urban Decay isn’t already obvious, it definitely will be after this post. I’m finding that just about everything I’ve tried works for me, and if I haven’t tried it yet I probably want to. Thank goodness for their rewards program! I’ll be honest: when I was in high school, these… Continue reading Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Review

Of all the drugstore brands, I probably have the least experience with Revlon. I think I might have had one lipstick, one eyeliner, and one eyeshadow quad from them in the past, but I was never really in love with any of it. I heard some rumors that their Super Lustrous lipsticks were really something,… Continue reading Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Review

New Hair Color, Skin Update, and Other Stuff

At about 20 years old I started going gray (although a close friend of mine swears she saw gray hairs when I was 18). It’s probably made worse by stress, but early graying is genetic on my mom’s side and even if I hadn’t been sick all this time I probably couldn’t have avoided it.… Continue reading New Hair Color, Skin Update, and Other Stuff